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ASML Holding net worth as of August 05, 2022 is $236.57B. Dutch firm makes the machines that make semiconductors.

Each one costs $160m and are a bottleneck for chipmakers, who look to spend over $100 billion in the coming years to build different fabrication plants to meet demand.

According to ASML’s annual report, its key customers are TSMC, Samsung and Intel. Additionally, its revenue breakdown by region has Taiwan, South Korea, and the US at 34%, 30% and 12% respectively, corresponding to the locations of TSMC, Samsung and Intel.

Its key product is an extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) machine, which uses advanced light technology to “print” tiny circuits onto Silicon wafers. Only ~40 are made a year and ASML has a near monopoly on the machine technology

ASML Holding annual revenue for 2021 was $22.019B, a 37.9% increase from 2020. ASML Holding annual revenue for 2020 was $15.968B, a 20.62% increase from 2019.

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