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Northvolt becomes 3rd battery cell supplier to BMW

The BMW Group has signed a long-term supply contract for battery cells with the Swedish company Northvolt. The deal is worth two billion euros. Northvolt will start manufacturing the cells in 2024 in its Gigafactory in Skellefteå, currently under construction.

The Swedish company is already the third supplier to the Munich company after CATL and Samsung SDI. For BMW, the multi-supplier strategy is to establish global competition within the Group’s network, according to press information. Andreas Wendt, member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Purchasing and Supplier Network, explains this way, they ensure “we always have access to the best possible cell technology”.

BMW said nothing about the term of the contract with Northvolt, which also supplies Volkswagen. The Nortvolt-Volkswagen deal sees them building a cell factory in Salzgitter at the moment. BMW, however, only assembles the batteries for its electric vehicles at its facilities in Germany, China, the US and Thailand, but buys the cells from said partners.

source: www.electrive.com

Turkish Pipemaker Market

According to Turkey’s Steel Pipe Manufacturers Association (CEBID), the country’s pipe exports totaled 1.95 million tonnes in 2014, rising by 4.9% when compared with the previous year. It says  that the pipe exports have surged despite political instability in some of the key export markets including Iraq. The value of pipe exports in 2014 amounted to $1.63 billion, declining marginally by 0.7% over the year.

Iraq remained the  first destination of Turkish pipe exports in 2014. The exports totaled 348,715 tonnes during the year,decreased around 20 percent. The second largest export destination was the US with 331,464 tonnes. The exports to the US rose 18% when compared with 2013. In third place was the UK with 240,209 tonnes. Romania is the fourth biggest export destination for Turkey  which is around 128,180 mt.

Arçelik Tayland’da fabrikası kuruyor

Arçelik, Tayland’da buzdolabı fabrikası kuruyor.

Arçelik, Avrupa ve Afrika’dan sonra Asya’ya da yatırım yapıyor. Tayland’da temeli atılan buzdolabı fabrikasının 2015’te üretime geçmesi için çalışmalara başlandı. Fabrikanın üç yılda 800 bin buzdolabı üretmesi planlanıyor.

 Avrupa, Ortadoğu ve Afrika (EMEA) Bölgesi’nin 2’nci büyük beyaz eşya şirketi olan Arçelik A.Ş.,  Güney Doğu Asya’da üretim merkezi olarak Tayland’ı seçti.


Stainless steel Demand

Stainless steel REPORT 2014

According to distribution group Damstahl,  demand from fabricators have slowed somewhat,
but orders from stockholders are substantially down. Stockists do not want to receive any new material this year and wait as long as possible with orders for 2015 by checking further nickel price development.

Stainless steel base prices have not increased in Q3/14 and production volumes have decreased   compared to  Q2/14. Currently, base prices are under pressure again and show a downward tendency. Chinese mills still sell significant volumes of 304 CR coils up to 300 EUR below European mills prices.

According to Damstahl Report ,European stainless crude steel production is expected to reach 7.5 mill. ton in 2014 (+5.5% compared to 7.1mill. t in 2013). Production is expected to be considerably higher in Sweden (+10%) and Slovenia (+14%), while on the other hand Germany after the closure of Krefeld – will show a 10% decline of production in 2014.

NICKEL: LME prices fell from almost 20,000 USD/t in the beginning of September to around 15,500 USD/t in   mid-November. Demand from European and especially Chinese mills remained subdued after the summer period. Falling Nickel pig iron  production in China might put nickel prices under pressure in Q1/15, but there is no Nickel pig iron  shortage so far as China was able to stretch Indonesian material with NPI ore from the Philippines. Hence the gap compared to last year’s NPI production is less than 100,000 t this year.



Turkish scrap metal industry

Turkish scrap metal industry

China which is one of the largest consumers of all kinds of metals in the world is not the biggest scrap  importer in the world. Turkey is the largest   scrap metal importer  in the world.

US, Germany, Britain, Russia etc are sending the biggest volumes of their recycled scrap metals to Turkey.

After Turkey, South Korea is the second largest scrap metal importer in the world.

India is the third largest scrap metal importer in the world.

According to report  30 percent of US scrap exports went to Turkey, while Britain sent 32 percent, Russia 47 percent,  Netherlands 30 percent, Belgium 37 percent and Germany 7 percent of exports to Turkey.

Turkish steel sector January-July of 2014

Tosyalı is investing about USD 3.5 billion in mills and power plants as it expands in Algeria.

Bloomberg reported that Tosyali Holding AS, a Turkish steelmaker, is investing about USD 3.5 billion in mills and power plants as it expands in Algeria and adds a specialized steel plant with Toyo Kohan Company for food packaging in Turkey.

Mr Fuat Tosyali chairman of Tosyali Holding said that “The company is investing USD 1.3 billion to expand capacity at an ore to steel plant in Algeria. The steelmaker also plans USD 1.7 billion, 1,300 MW power plant that will burn imported coal in Iskenderun, on the eastern Mediterranean coast of Turkey and where Tosyali is based.”

Mr Tosyali said that “The company’s joint venture with Toyo Kohan is investing USD 425 million in the packaging steel plant in Osmaniye, in the south of the country. We want to grow in Turkey but also benefit from the growth of other countries. Most of those investments are planned for 2015.”

He said that “Acquisitions at home and abroad are also on our agenda, but not that urgently. The company doesn’t plan any initial public offering of the holding or its units in the short or medium term.”

Source – Bloomberg

Turkish steel sector  January-July of 2014

Turkish steel sector  export during the period of January-July of 2014 is 8.07 billion dollars in value and 10.6 million tons in amount basis.

When you compare with last year,%5,1 decrease in value and %6,7 decrease in terms of value (tons).

Turkey’s exports to Iraq declined by 30 percent in July and this will effect the yearly export target.